duminică, 12 februarie 2012

[NEW] Cracked Steam Client - version 11.02.2012 = All Game Steam

Description Features:

The installation program automatically installs and configures the some cracks for Steam client, without requiring any effort on your part.
Client can download more games through updated some protected game cache.
This software product is equipped with special support services, allowing to easily change various parameters of steam after the client installation.
Only unlicensed servers in the search for the use of master server "Setti". Note. When you first run the client cracked steam (or by changing the account) may be required after logging in and through the auxiliary program again apply the option "setti".
Program "Cracked Steam Service", monitors the correctness of the parameters of the master server of the old Source engine in accordance with the parameters of the overall master server, as well as checks for updates Cracked Steam client.


- SmartSteam Test Version 528 + special configuration file.
- GreenLuma v2.0.4.
- ZSP RC1.
- SteamUp 2010.
- Undead 22.09.2009.
- Setti masterserver.
- Legit Steam Client (no require pre-installation).
- Tweaker.
- Microsoft C++ runtime librarys
- Updated GCF-file:
counter-strike source client.gcf (v87)
half-life engine.gcf (v55)
Filesize 26.27 MB
Date Tuesday 10 May 2011 - 15:02:08
Downloads 53
100% Counter-Strike 1.6 , CSS, CSCZ...

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